"A group of hostiles spotted at the Cordon"


thanks for IDOTS to entitle this posing.

the chromatic abberration imo ruins the otherwise would be great picture, it’s just not good for the eyes

I just wanted to center on the point by adding chromatic aberration at non-point part.

more sound clips



Goddamn, I would love to get my hands on those ACU skins…

I can tell that you put quite a bit of effort into this pose, it shows. Some of your recent pieces of work looked like it lacked the attention and effort it may have needed, but this just great. Anything with zombies is just fine by me! Haha.

The muzzleflash looks a bit flat but not too bad. Could use small traces of blood throughout the horde, but doesn’t really take away from the scene. But realistically speaking 50. Cal would send limbs flying 10 feet through the air, Lol. But all in all, great work!

Do you know where or when those military models will be released? I need to use them, they’re gorgeous! I feel left out :frowning: Hahaha


Might as well add a TM to the end of that, seems to be a theme.

I mean I want to get them released as soon as possible, but I also want them to be in a good state before releasing

Always. I’d rather it that way anyways, was meant as a joke.

I like it a lot my only nitpicking is he has all that 7.61 ammo and there is a M240 in front of him but he’s firing the ma deuce but in reality he would still be manning his 240 and one of the rifleman would be on the ma deuce. Other than that I like it. Oh and for future reference M240’s and M2’s eject links out the side and spent casings out the bottom.