A group of ideas for the future of the game

Have a few ideas of things that I personally would like seeing. Not saying I don’t like Rust already, just adding more ideas… This is a survivor game and these I believe all go towards the survival genre

  1. More traps( Pendulums, fallout floors, spike pits, snares, hanging snares, etc etc

  2. Digging ( mainly to dig trenches)

  3. Fishing & Birds

  4. Berries & fruits from bushes tress etc.

  5. Raft??

  6. Map editor

  7. Pet dog/bear/boar ?

As mentioned above… Only adding a group of people’s thoughts. We love the game and only want to see it grow…

I like the ideas of fishing, berries, and digging a lot. I think all of those could be easily implemented and would make the game better immediatel. I think traps could be call, but they need to belimited so that they don;t become too irritating or over powered.

I hate birds in real life, so I vote no birds. i don;t know if I want a pet. I think it would be burdensome to maintain if done and could be overpowered if they have combat utility. I’d like to be able to swim before we worry about rafts.

Traps are planned, digging is planned(-ish), fishing will probably happen when there’s more readily available water, berries and stuff will probably roll out as they build the farming mechanic, map editor (or at least documentation on how to make a map) is in the works, don’t know about pets.

i love the idea of being able to dig

Garry wants to implement digging caves and such but there are limitations in the engine and a lot of logic to work out before that will be able to happen. So who knows there…

He did sound pretty confident about adding a shovel and being able to bury things, that would be pretty cool.

Until I can’t find my treasure chest full of C4.

Great post, the idea of pets brings to mind domesticating wild wolves and then having them attack people who attack you/come too close or inside your house? (can set exemptions from intruder attack similarly to setting locks on doors, that way roomates won’t get attacked every time they come home?)

Also with the raft thing, tying in with devs talking about introducing swimming/making more use of water, would it be cool to have the ability to craft house-boats/barges? they don’t have to move per se, just be able to have bases out in the water. Maybe after they’ve expanded the player-usable area on the land map it might fit better. I dunno.

And traps, yes please traps. Mines would be hilarious. Fallout floors in high towers that cause fall deaths would be funny too. So vicious.

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Burying would be cool too, clever way to leave supplies for friends and stuff, incognito trades, lots of potential.

Please no pets. Please god no pets in Rust!

I love the crafting system, but my OCD kicks in every time i think about being able to craft a shotgun from nothing but low quality metal…can we make the craft system a little deeper?
As far as maps, i love the idea… recipe for maps can be pencil and paper (pencil made with wood and charcoal)
what about scopes for weapons? if i can make a flashlight, why not a scope?
How about making a metal storage box? one that can be locked? and picked with a lockpick… that way raids are more challenging, but still feasible.
And maybe put a timer on player bags, giving the player a chance to get their stuff back, and making KOS a little less…annoying. happy players make happy customers.

thats all i can think of for now… will post more suggestions later

hope u take some of this into consideration!

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love the idea of burying for incognito trades. would make me less paranoid about getting taken down by 30 guys with guns while trying to help a so-called “newb”