A group of people fleeing from Slender Man


Some Notes:
-If you people are going to say “BUT SLENDER MAN IS LIKE 9001 FEET TALL!!11!?!!11one!!!”, I would say this only once: I don’t know how to increase his size without crashing myself with the Inflater tool or whatever.
-Yea, I didn’t very feel like I got the “Slender Man going in for the kill” pose, but, this was some practice with my scene building skills, poses, and edits.
-This was Scene build on Flatgrass.



BUT SLENDER MAN IS LIKE 9001 FEET TALL!!11!?!!11one!!!

it’s called PHOTOSHOP.

where can i get this model D:

No,no,no… You just ruined the entire character of the slenderman.

Slenderman does not kill you like that.

He kills you in your mind.

I’m not sure exactly have to do that, and I have GIMP…


Here you go for the Slender Man model. :]

Why thank you.

Well… Um… Those people are frozen in fear, a-and then he’ll make them into crazy people…

Did that work, or did I fail?

How did you do the fog?

I used the smoke tool in this pack:

I then just edited some stuff in GIMP to make the picture look more better.

yea because slenderman is so scary


and totally exists

look at your window

But it’s day time. D:

So what will you guys give the rating of this pose? Prepares to throw his chair out the window

Sorry bro,
I’d rate it 8/10 for posing
but 2/10 for the slenderman character. He hides in the shadows and scares the shit out of you, it’s too bright. I like what you’ve tried to do because slenderman fascinates me, so I’ll give you an art for effort .

Thank’s for the model Chris, also I’m going to make a slenderman pose now =D

yea there are fucking kids asking for candy I’ma get my fucking 12 gauge and blast their heads off brb


and if I meet slender man I’ll fucking rape the fucker

Thanks. That’s what I was going for: the poses.

But yea, next time I’l keep in mind of the character traits of Slender Man.

Why are they in the forest. No campfire no tent no shit. Guy has a gun and intends to run?

They are running away from the fears of Slender Man, and they escape to the forest, not knowing that is where he “kills” them. The guy in the flannel shirt is carry a gun for “safety”.


Oh yes, run away from the city where it was just fine and go into the deep dark unknown forest. If he brought it for safety why does it look like he is scared and about to run

Carrying the gun doesn’t mean you’ll be fearless already. And he is looking around to check if the area is clear and safe, not realizing that Slender Man is behind him.