a group of Russians getting ambushed in a corn filed

poor Russians



The posing could be better.

The camera angle is crappy.

so thats how i like it

  1. Nobody cares how you like it. You don’t cater to yourself because you’re fine with crappy posing.
  2. The posing is crap.
  3. The camera angles are crap
  4. Post the damn image, don’t make us lazy bastards click more than once to see your picture.


What’s with the flying, self firing gun? Also the muzzle flash looks a wee bit misplaced.

Thats unacceptable.
Never accept bad posing
you’re a bad poser
you WILL improve.


and your pic wont load

This man speaks the truth




How the hell do you get ambushed by a nest of MG’s right infront of you?


I mean, come on.


How much vodka have these guys been drinking?


“Hey, hey Vlad, look! A german MG nest, maybe they have more vodka for us!”


“Oh no Vlad, there are no vodka in these bullets!”

Haha, rated face.

Super magic.

Why is the grass hovering above the sand bags?


actually why is one guy being attacked by grass?

My god, please, never pose again…

Don’t say this. It’s not nice.

Haha Zerax’s post made me lol.
I have seen alot worse poses, but you need to improve on your camera angles.

its a corn field

Why is there no corn?

You have failed. Never cease to amaze me how badly some things can turn out.

A bit of constructive criticism, your posing, emitter placement, and I’d say use of props [ or choice of scene based on available props] or w/e need some attention.

Where did you get the models? I didn’t give them to you, Half-Dead didn’t give them to you…


But yeah your posing is absolutely terrible, try practicing some more. A more interesting camera angle would be nice too.