A group of soldiers taking heavy fire.

Most of the enemies bullets hit the other side of the wall so you can’t see the impacts and the guy to the right is trying to get some air support.



I used models from 4 diffrent games to make this hack. If you can guess it right I’ll give you a hug. Here’s the first game to get you started: DoD:s (the hands).


The punch bags look like the ones in the “Ultimate Team” by Preedator :o

Nice pic.

Whoa shit…I’m sayin Operation Flash Point? BF2?

chest from cod4

Nice use of effects, the posing is also very well done.

Awesome edit and models, I see the cod 4 pistol holster.

Thank you.

Yep, BF2 is one of the games.

Nope, not the chest.

Yeah. The holster, packs and helmet are from cod 4. Only one game left. =)

The camo and the helmet… Killing floor? :3

Looking good, the edit is great

Crysis body? And I was correct :v:

Looks really nice but there’s too much chromatic aberration

It’s rather blurry but the lighting and effects are awesome. This is how you make a generic picture. It’s nice to see a new picture from you, Superfrog.

No and no. =]

I had to google it, but yeah I see what you mean. I’ll keep it to a minimum next time. Never tried it before so this was an experiment. =)

Thanks Chesty <3. Yeah, it did get a little blurry. I don’t know why but my pics always end up that way. =/

BF2 heads and skins?

Do I still get my hug :saddowns:


I’m gonna guess, BF2, Call of duty modern warfare, your DODS, and Half Life 2 (heads)?

The guy in the middle looks bored. Posing and edited looks good though.

very good

Yes, sir! I took the camo from bf2 (and heads).

Well, since it’s Christmas I’ll give away free hugs. BIG WARM HUG

Fair enough. The packs and helmet are from COD4. The hands are DOD:S view model. I got the heads and some equipment from BF2. And last the entire body is hacked using parts from CS:S. The body armor and arms - GSG9, the legs - GIGN and the bottom of the jacket - ARCTIC.

Yeah, I was going to edit his face but I wasn’t sure what to change so I left it as it is.