A Gruesome discovery


Are you in the process of making Dark Messiah ‘ports’ (it’s on the source engine but still)?

Someone made a whoops.

D: poor goblin

Damn this is good stuff. Love the cam angle and the light. Nicely done.

illwreath, making sympathy for goblins possible since 1983

Dobby D:



Thanks everyone.

What maps do you use?

I’m loving your latest poses, good work.

The dark messiah textures were very well made, it’s too bad that the actual game didn’t get much attention. It was actually decent.

Then that fucking machinegunning knight appears.

Anyone who did that mission knows that you kicked the guys into the water no keel them.

also standard Nirrti formula showing again as I understand

What, SDOF? Everyone’s grandmother uses SDOF.

no silly

If I meant SDOF I would of said SDOF not Nirrti formula you clout stack.

Well maybe he said that because there is no “nirrti formula” whatsoever in the pic.