A GSG9 that's..

…textured all over! Well, almost. :v:

I started playing CSS again recently so I wanted to make a pose with the models and since they’re so low quality I thought I’d try and texture it a bit. Criticism, please?



Oh, and here’s an edit FrEeKy ThInG made! (lol)

It’s a shame a lot of the texturing isn’t very noticeable. Try sharpening them and messing with the contrast of the layers if you didn’t already.

I hate to say it but the texture job looks exactly like Yellowlake’s GSG9 retexture job. Same resolution and everything.

Also, the materials don’t contort to the clothing and misc. parts. Try using displacement maps next time.

I’m actually glad you said that! I’ve always wondered if I should make them stand out more or be subtle. I’ll try to make them more noticeable next time! (:

I’ve never seen Yellowlakes retexture before! Did he do a pose or is it a skin or something? Anyway, I haven’t been editing that long so I have no idea what displacement maps are but I really like the poses I’ve seen of yours so I’ll look into it! (:

So…You like my edit I take it? :v:

wow for some reason this picture doesn’t have the horrible stigma that comes with any picture using css models.

and I like it


Aw, thank you! (:

Wahaaha. :3