A guide on how to make a better gamemode.

This is my guide on how to make a better gamemode.

  1. Use correct spelling and grammar when adding text to a part of the gamemode.

  2. Be unique, instead of Dark RP V5.286195

  3. Make it so that you don’t have to play a long time to be good at the game.

  4. Have action happening a lot. It’s no fun when all you do is stand around, obtaining money from money printers.

  5. Make the quality of props and the map good. It’s boring when the map is really plain and you use shitty props. Make some custom props.

  6. Make it hard to grief.

  7. Make it fun!

  8. Be nice to people with crappy connection. Reduce the lag somehow.

  9. Unlockable stuff. People like them.

  10. Add rewards for winning something.

  11. Have plenty of options. If you’re making a gun fighting gamemode, add a large selection of guns. If you’re making a RP gamemode, allow people do to stuff other than get money and buy guns.

If this is going to be a good tutorial, you need to flesh out your points a little better. For example:

Explain what it means to “grief” for those of us that are new.
Give an example of “reducing the lag somehow” (just an example of optimizing something).
Give some examples of good gamemodes and examples of bad gamemodes, along with a list of ideas to get people started.

Also, for the record, I don’t think you need constant in-your-face action to make a gamemode decent.

I agree with Entoros. It needs a lot of fleshing out.

Right now it isn’t a tutorial it’s just a few common sense points.

My opinions.