A guistudiomdl compile problem.

Hi, all
I came to problem of compiling guistudiomdl
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Why do you use GUIStudioMDL? It’s deprecated for a long times…
Use Crowbar instead for compilling.

Crowbar is certainly a good tool, but it functions virtually the same as GUIStudioMdl. Crowbar itself is not a compiler, it adds a GUI to your studiomdl.exe – sound familiar?

The issue you’re having is because you’re using SourceSDK which has been broken since ~2012 after steampipe shifted the modding tools into individual game directories. If you’re compiling for GMod, use Source SDK Base 2013 (singleplayer or multiplayer, it doesn’t matter). Alternatively use L4D2’s compiler for Left 4 Dead 2 and SFM’s compiler for Source Filmmaker. Whether you use Crowbar, GUIStudioMdl, or just a text-based batch script, studiomdl.exe is required and you’re using a broken version.

Please don’t expect Crowbar to fix all of your problems. It just adds unrealistic expectations to Zeq’s project.