A guy bends over his dead wife.

My second edit and 1st attempt at rain



I have to admit, the title sounds like necrophilia.

I too misread the title, heh.
But yeah, amazingly dark there dude.

Can’t. See. SHIT.

Heavy Rain is nice game, but your art is too dark

Its night there what do you expect?

Holy Shit thats one of the best rain edits Ive even seen. The lighting is really dramatic and creates a very nice atmosphere.
I love it.

Too dark. You can’t see the bending! D:

You are been too nice man, thats not you.

And the pic looks nice but its a bit too dark… We know its night time, but we WANT to see the picture, and the maker should allow the viewer to do said thing by making things a bit clearer even if it goes againts the natural laws.

Wel i can see it.

I can only see the guy’s face, and it looks like :downs: to me…

He wants one thing: REVENGE!!!

It’s pretty dark, but I kind of like it like that. The rain could be better, but it’s alright. It must be really windy out if the rain is going sideways instead of down towards the guy.

Can’t see shit captain.

I can see shit private.

I see a newspaper and 2 white lines.

Indeed a great picture!

Stand up and look at the pic then. you should see it then

Yeah that’s truly artistic.

I wish more people would go with the “stand up and look at it” editing style.


Here, I fixed it for yah.
I personally think it looks a whole lot better now.


-_- just get out and take your sarcasm with you.