a guy built a wall at my doorway

without killing myself how do i get out? and i keep hitting my metal door instead even though it’s open

If it’s a wooden door, you can break it with a lot of hits, but if it’s a metal door and you dont have any explosives, you are fucked.

Wait until you run out of calories and starve to death.

If you have a hatchet you can just continually hit and it will drain something like 20 calories per swing.

you can press F1 ans type suicide

Guys, please read the post before posting a reply. “without killing myself” he said.

However, as Boxcar said: If it is a wooden door just keep hitting it. If it is a metal door though you cannot really do anything. Maybe you could wait a couple of days until the metal door has decayed. I do not know for sure if it will work, it is a possibility however.

Either way - good luck with it.

Ok let’s assume that you didn’t have pillars. If that’s the case it can be a destroyed wall.

Worse is, when someone enter ur house and they pickaxe a stair, then put a celling and you can go up anymore :frowning: that is pure griefing and destroying other people house’s.

Well we testing for this problems, they will make something to fix :slight_smile:

I had that problem on my most recent house. Sucks doesn’t it?

But more on topic, I don’t believe there is a way. You will most likely have to wait until the house disappears from use.