A guy wasting a mag on another guy

Here it is


Holy fuck, that’s awesome.

It really looks very dynamic and intence.

Muzzleflashes aren’t so good, the blood is a wee bit bright and it doesn’t really look like the AK fella is looking at the target but, other than that, this is really awesome.

I don’t think there would be that many feathers flying around him like that. Maybe just few behind him. Same with the blood. I like the smoke from the AK though.

Looks like an action shot to me.


This was posted 3 hours ago?!? Why I didnt saw this?

I really like this one, even if everyone says its a little exaggerated it was probably went to be that way.
Nice pose and nice effects.

Very cool concept and great editing to go with. Blood looks like a brightish white red which isn’t what blood looks like. Man with the ak47 seems a little to close to just kill his target, but instead he is doing this over the top overkill, which is really nice but only if they can make sense. Work on your titles though… The one you are currently using sucks dick.

Grade: 8.7 out of 10


Feathers made me :lol: Have an “Artistic.” Fucking love Stabbing Westward! :smiley:

wtf man?

Where did you get that feathers ?

They call it, “Photoshop”.

I call it PS, Where did he get that feathers? I don’t believe he created 'em.
Becouse there’s a thingy from video co-pilot that costs 100€, and i don’t believe he bought it.

They call it, “Google”.


Custom brushes.

Oh, custom brushes, im dumb, u can rate it dumb, i will rate it too.

Oh, that was L.T. Mark who used it, im sorry, my bad

I actually tried to make the blood darker but because of the motion blur he started to disapear, so I had to leave it in this color

Wait that looks like the guy from Cod4, can’t remember his name,

Hes back for revenge

Or the guy from Behind enemy lines or the guy that was exercising outside =/ too many people wear that damn jacket…

lovin the feathers