A guy with a M4 and A guy with a AS50 aim guns.

Holy shit its a generic! Want to complain? Go somewhere else.

Practice (I know his eyes are fucking wierd.)

i felt like i derailed the thread


Cool! Very generic as stated. Also, where did you get those T-shirt Models, are they Skins or Hex? Link? Thanks =D

Here you go


Cool! Thanks!

He looks high.

How the duck do I post

Why have they always just got plainclothes on?

But seriously, Resistance, think quality over quantity. You say you don’t have any ideas, but that’s because you aren’t giving yourself any time to think of them. You keep churning out pictures of guys just aiming off screen, but you should seriously just take a break, and think of an original idea that people would actually like.

I know you pointed it out but still the eyes make him look like “Durr what am i shoot at”

Considering it’s off screen generic we don’t know

It is quite hard to think of original ideas.

How about people actually FIRING the weapons?

That’ll still be generic.

Yeah, but it’d look cooler.


No it is not.

Here’s one: Two guys swordfighting on top of a moving train.

That wasn’t so hard.

I do not believe that you can’t think of a single image other than people aiming off screen.

That’s a generic action pose, the two guys with the swords.

So is OP’s photo.

I’ve never seen it done before, so how is it generic?

It’s the same idea with a different background.

I dont really find anything wrong about generic pictures, whether its done like over 30000 times, a pose is pose. And its hard to think of original ideas for poses. A fight agasint 2 guys with shovels on a train has the same backround as 2 guys have a gun battle on a plane.

No it doesn’t.

Soo… by your logic, a group of counter terrorists fighting a group of terrorists while riding a roller coaster is generic?

really high