A guy with a mp5 shoots at a group of zombies.


I found a cool mp5 model so wanted to use it. Comment and rate it please.

It’s aimed too high, and the zombie looks like it’s crouching falling backwards trying to walk forward.
The zombie on the left. Also get a better scene for zombies, Dust isn’t very optimal.

it’s supposed to be recoil.

The muzzleflash is completly wrong perspective.

There really isn’t much to rate here. You didn’t make the model, and even so we’re rating the screenie, so we can’t rate that. it’s conveniently hiding most of the zombies behind it, and the one you can see completely is posed badly, so I’ll have to say I don’t like it.

Well while you are firing you are supposed to hold the gun down so you actually hit the target, You don’t let the recoil take over.

Oh yeah, forgot about this one.

Indeed, you should hold it down, and yes, it’s realistic to add recoil, but not while the muzzleflash is showing that would mean that there are shots missing the target.

There’s that shitty, mis-angled muzzleflash again. The same exact one from your nazi picture. Didn’t you learn the first time?

Don’t do FP View! ITS HORRIBLE, it means you can’t post shit

no it’s not. it can be good if you do it right. this guy doesn’t do it right, he keeps making the same mistakes over and over again


That’s a G3KA4… Not an MP5


Nah, its an MP-5 with an SEF trigger pack. For some idiotic reason the modeller thought it would be cool to put a 203 on it…barrel/handguard is too short for a G3.

it had a mp5 mag i’m not crazy.

nice zombie posing.