A guy with a pistol in the dark with something behind him.

Just made that in 15 minutes…i guess it’s kind of cliché but still it’s an awesome cliché.
Before you ask, yes it’s the Nemesis behind him.

Looks nice.

Not bad.

The posing is good, the photoshopped bruises on his face… not so much. Perhaps ONE bruise… but 10, and maybe bring the opacity of the brush down so it isn’t so dark.

I think that’s supposed to be DIRT…

Oh dear…

Woah, that guy has a lot of buises.

Lens flare caused a funny circle in the top right corner.

Creature: Frieeeend.

Also nicely made.

There is a monster behind that man.

thanks captain obvious…
oh wait…

It’s war paint you fucking fools.