A "Hack" Detector...

Okay well on some servers they have this admin thing where when someone types +trooper_menu or +fap_hack in console,
it tells all the admins. I think the way it works that is when someone types a suspicious command in console like that it alerts
all the admins and says like
(PLAYERNAME) tried (+trooper_menu) (STEAMID)
in blue
I would like to know how to do this so I can add it to my server and get rid of pesky hackers.
Thank you!!!

Sure, many servers have anti-cheat addons in various formats.

However, they are either public, meaning you could get them, but they are swiftly blocked by the cheat authors.

Or they are private, meaning they won’t share it with you.

Unfortunately, you’ll probably going to have to create your own version, or hire someone to create it for you.


Im working on an Anti-Cheat. I’ll probably release it soon.

You know very little lua and your a hacker yourself.
Good luck with that.

It’s not as advanced as you think though it just searches the logs and when someone types the command like +trooper_menu then it automatically sends a broadcast to all admins saying who did it and what command they did. It’s not some sort of automatic ban/kick system, just a notification that these people are hacking :slight_smile:

And you dont think that hacks worth their salt make a copy of this function so you cant just detect it.

Well it seems to work for other servers so i’m just asking.

Hey sniperdude0, add me on Steam. I might be able to help you. My Steam URL is: http://www.steamcommunity.com/id/fishywishy

Better than you, I have yet to see you release an “Anti-Cheat”

I don’t see how people use this as an argument.

So what if I ain’t made one? We talking about him.

By “we” you mean, “you”. The guy simply wanted to release something he made and you had to go ahead and start trolling another user on this thread. I’m sure you know how it feels like getting multiple users on threads telling you that you cant code, after all that I’m surprised that you’re saying other users are shit at coding.

When will you learn. Trolling does not equal telling the truth.

If you look through tazy4tazy’s posts he is a hacker himself, he also cannot script.

As much as I’m not on Science’s side; Tazy is both an idiot, cheater and to top it off doesn’t know the difference between coding and shitting.