A hack request

So I was wondering if someone could do a multiple hack? My idea is to create a TF2 styled German soldier, WW2 setting:

A basic concept I made on Gmod


Behold, my sick creation.

Obviously a rough design, I was wondering if someone could hack the soldier body, slim it down to a normal but cartoony human size (about the same bulk as the medic?) and if possible create German equipment like ammo pouches, removing the grenades etc (if you were looking for a challenge, making stick grenades). The legs from the DoD German soldier to be added under the TF2 soldiers torso (or maybe just using the medics legs?) and then head hacking the Medics head onto the body while removing the glasses (if possible).

Reference to models

I am hoping someone is looking for a challenge/be willing to have a go and make this for the community, I believe alot of inspiration and community work can come from a design like this model (I already have some ideas in mind).

So if anyone would like to try, feels like putting in some input then please post away!

Also, reaction to my design

In all honesty i was expecting a Zoey’s head onto one of those nude fake factory bodies request.

This sounds good.

Yes well, there is a 1% chance of anyone bothering to attempt this, by lack of posting I guess its just another failed idea.