Hello, decided to publish this, say hello to A-Hack. This is quite the basic tool-kit for some ownage in Garry’s Mod.

Current version: Final


  • Aimbot
  • Autoshoot
  • Wallhack
  • Name changer
  • Aimbot Mode; All, NPC, Player
  • No-recoil

The console commands:



Aimbot in work.


Aimbot in work #2.


Said goodbye to recoil.


The menu.


Download v1.3 here.

Download the Final version here.

I tested this when it was in beta, good aimbot :3:

-I didn’t control myself… Sorry.-

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - grea$emonkey))

Its not a hack its just a script even its a very weird code…

Did you just address someone as a noob then tell them to ban this noob hacker? Also, you over use the word hacker, and is it just me or has your ability to comprehend grammar went down darksoul? You used to have excellent grammar when I 1st met you.

I feel anal pain over there!

Why do we need five thousand aimbot programs?

What is this I don’t even

This is a lua script, and propably we have five thousand aimbots becouse people like to share what they have coded, and to show their lua coding skills.

Well, it is not really anything special.

Terrible code. Plus, no anti-detection techniques used at all.

Nope, expect that it’s made by me, but I like it myself and easy to use, so I decided to publish it.

I haven’t released mine. I could if I wanted but it’s far too good. Would kinda ruin every shooting based game in GMod. Which is exactly what would happen if anyone released a decent aimbot.


Sappin mah automerge.

Hacks are the new 5-second sweps.

Please code something with a little substance instead.

Aimbots and the like are far more difficult to do correctly. Also the downside to releasing them, like flapjack’s, is that then people can build detection methods for them.

There’s heaps of aimbots for gmod… so I’m not sure why people keep making more of them. If you’re going to make one, make it have all cool futuristic targeting effects and shizzle.

I’m still quite new to lua, and I am making A-Hack better all the time.

Yeah, That’s why i wont release mine either. It’d ruin everything. Hell, I don’t know what would happen if kids got hold of my way to powerfull script.

Oh, I’m implying that your aimbot isn’t “far too good”. Or well, It might be, But it sounds more like your trying to show everyone here how much better you are than the guy who made this .

if(ATHack()) then



Oh and this over-writes alot of functions that could already exist. Such as Alive