A Half Life 2 Music video - Dedicated to Valve - HD 720p

"A few days ago i decided to search youtube for HL2 music videos. Expecting some high quality HD videos with some key framed angles. To my surprise i didn’t find very many. Then i heard this song from the HL2 beta soundtrack and it inspired me to make this short sort of tribute video to Valve and Half Life 2.

This is a great song and i hope you enjoy the shots.

Gabe needs to finish his Ep.3 sandwich"

It is pretty nice, but such video were done before over and over again.

great quality video.

its amazing how someone can take a 5 year old game and make it look so GOOD

well done


I’m going to be demo smoothing some Ep.1 and 2 footage. The houses being blown apart at the end of Ep.2 at above 60fps will be amazing.

Wow great video dude!
Very nice done and great camera angles!

I rated it 5 stars (i typed start my mistake in comments)

What is the song? Also really nicely done, I rated 5.

The “HL2 Suit Song”

It’s part of the HL2 soundtrack.

Very VERY nice! Lovely choice of settings and camera angles and of course the song’s awesome as well!


Better version. It’s called Path of the Borealis