A Halo 3 type Hammer SWEP

Hey, im requesting the super awesome hammer or… gravity hammer or something from Halo 3 ODST! Its so awesome! I really want it for GMod!

HERES THE MODELS!! http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/14632 … lol crowbar skin

Next time provide a model and a viewmodel. And some basic info. One-line request usually do not work out that well

NOO!! hmm… owh crap BTW if I find a v_model and w_model, you think there might be a chance for someone to make it?

There will be a much greater chance.

Let’s just say that there’s no reason someone WON’T make it

awesome, I just posted the models w and v =D

Not much of a fan of halo, but i like the weapons. I’ll probably make this later, but now i need to finish something else.

awesome!! Thnx! but… aww probably… I hope someone does make =D

Sorry to burst your bubble, but that isn’t a gravity hammer :razz:

I SOMEHOW doubt that anyone would be willing to rig and animate that, but we can dream. :v:

But its only model T.T thats why I want the SWEP the 1st time I used it I wanted to use it over and over it was AWESOME!!!

He didn’t say it was a SWEP, he gave a source for a decent model of the weapon, and said that theres a fat chance of someone making it.

Go into the model forums, someone will probably do it.

whaddaya mean, I don’t want a model. i want a SWEP

Well you’re still missing a real halo 3 hammer viewmodel, along with the unique animations it would require.

owh… maybe I could request it… if theres someone who created it, there be a FATTER chance for someone to make the SWEP? Yeah? OKAY!

Yeah, If someone makes the model and the viewmodel then sure, someone MAY want to make it. However, there’s still the animations…

A viewmodel implies animation, and the minute such a model is created there’ll be a rush to get it coded.

Well, I requested a v_model, someone said he could make it into the valve animations, is it good enough?

Hey, someone made the v_model, but its only with the crowbar anim, is THAT good enough?

How do you do the yellow box thingy?