a "hammer contraption spawner"

hi everybody, its wardino, or wafleguy, and i am making an onslaught map… i ran into some problems with thing such as the electric fences.

well, what i need is a working "spawner, and yes, i am using buttons and a point_template… but this is what happened:

*the electric fence trigger_hurt entities were parented to the first fence prop i spawned, not the fence prop that they spawn with.

*when 2 sets of teleporters are spawned, the firsy set that was spawned breaks (i think the trigger_teleport entity is replaced) by the second set’s trigger_teleports

*umm… does anyone know where i can get a physgun-grabable mounted combine gun, because mine… FAILED HORRIBLY

*oh yes, right, does anyone know of a ladder_dismount entity that you can parent, because i made a mobile ladder, but i cant get off of it without jumping XD

*the ladder did the same thing as the fence, all the func_useableladders are parented to the first ladder prop spawned

also, i am having trouble with npc_template_spanwers, i want the spawners to spawn 1 npc each, with infinite amount of respawns, as soon as the spawner’s child dies, then it spawns another one, instead… it spawns so many zombies when you press the button, (and these are just the zombies, almost every npc in half life 2 is in this map) that if anything else happens, garrysmod crashes and displays the error: no free edicts, and i know that means too many entities are in game. HELP
i am actually laughing at my self for thinking that these problems wouldnt occur, but if anyone can help, please.

Go to the spawnflags of the point_template and make sure “Preserve entity names” is UNchecked.
That should fix it.

thats not all the problems i need fixing :frowning: but thnx for that :smiley: