A handicapped insurgent draftee after his first federation kill


Thanks to that big flaming faggot Zerax for his lovely idea of model use. :love:

And a bonus since this is funny apparently :saddowns:.


Wheelchair rebel wins :v:

A remarkable triumph for the young, handicapped lad. Too bad he involuntarily soiled himself later.

Pretty fucking awesome!!

Cripple fight!

There, stop rating it funny now. :frown:

rated it funny even harder this time


Why so serious? being rated funny is a bless.

I didn’t really mean for it to be humorous. If it was like, a shit ton of guys in wheelchairs withs assault rifles and shit, I’d get that. I meant for it to be more that was that he was going to get the shit kicked out of him and he had to kill the guy.

But what kind of wheelchair guy joins the army.

And then has a gun on the front lines.

“A handicapped insurgent draftee after his first federation kill”

And he’s in some nerdy generic computer lab thing. :v:

I understand completely now.

Anyway, I can see where you were trying to go, and I admit at first glance I felt the emotion, but in the end I couldn’t help but laugh.

Which isn’t a bad thing, people just misinterpreted it.


Love the lighting.

Nice pic, rated heart

Holy shit yeah, Stephen Hawking just opened up a can of mc-kickass-squared

rated funny :v:

I laughed uncontrollably at the above post.
Rated OP heart.


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and this

hipster rebel!

Hipster Stephen Hawking rebel.