A Heavy Armor Infentry is shooting his 9mm at Zombie.



blood is to solid and sticks out alot
I think its also far to bright

Those soldiers are running away from the intense light.

I don’t think any properly trained soldier would shoot his weapon like a gangstah.

The title made me lol, but the picture is actually pretty cool

oh my god bumpmaps

That is way overexposed. To the point of eyebleeding, you REALLY want to tone that down.

The strawberry jam blood is back! The brightness is sorta understood because I’m pretty sure a security camera/helmet camera wouldn’t have godly quality/white balance.
And this might seem kinda odd but why of all things would a heavy armor juggernaut be carrying an itty bitty 9m? I would think at least a 45…

why this EOD suit guy use 9mm?

Needs less flat/solid blood and more tiny blood brushes around the wound.
Blood doesnt fly like that, especially if your hitted with such a low caliber gun.

Somehow I already expected the juggernaut when you said “Heavy Armor”.

The light. It burns:psypop: I don’t think those light settings are working. Back to the old drawing board and redo this. And dig up some blood tutorials in like say Gimp if you haven’t got it… Many good ones out there.

Do you know what end of a gun bullets come out of? Do you know if god is real?

Christ, this isn’t realistic of course, he obviously wasn’t aiming for it. Ever think he picked the 9mm? Bloody hell, speculate the question before you go and post it like a twat.

Looks good dude, not as good as your others though.

Eww the blood. Darken it, make it more splashy rather than a puddle suspended in mid-air and go easy on the bevel/emboss.

That muzzleflash is like a high-powered searchlight. Tone down your use of lights, especially around that character’s nasty normal maps.

I didn’t know how ugly the Juggernaut was.

all american and canadian soldiers use a 9mm

I know
I mean he said 'why of all things would a heavy armor juggernaut be carrying an itty bitty 9m? I would think at least a 45… ’ so I refute to him.

And some Marsocs still use Colt.

Rather use a pistol than anything cause it’s hard to flex that much in my opinion…
Anyway blood seems weird.

Touche my good sir, I have been corrected and withdraw what I have said.

they use the 1911 though, so still 9mm