A heavy attack force overwhelms a Taliban position. Totally Generic.

:siren: play video for theme music.


A cookie for anyone who gets the motto and where it came from.

C&C please

oh you

im not sure what the fuck it is im looking at
but i love it

The world needs more of this!!

There, changed the thread music for something less gneric.

The Knight model is always used in non-generic pictures (usually charging or riding a vehicle), thus making it generic.

Lord of the Rings?

I don’t believe I’ve ever made it clear how much I like your pictures. I like them a lot.

lol at the lower left dude

Hope I didn’t put your inquisition to shame.

Where did you get that elephant?

Friend showed me this picture and I thought it was CrazyKnife’s.
Lets just say when he scrolled up I wasn’t surprised.

In other words, awesome job Caboose. I freaking love your pictures.

Someone riding an ATV with an RPG. gold.

The blue, almost invisible shadows bug me.

Try R_Shadowcolor 128 128 128 if you feel like changing it.

I saw these elephants this morning, watching Teletubbies, and I just thought that I was still high as fuck from yesterday but I wasn’t, these were just looking so fucking retarded and out of place… Now I’m back home, and woke up maybe 20 minutes ago (I’m GMT+1), started my computer, checked mails and shit on FB, texted my friends, and now I look at your fucking picture, laughing, and it makes my mind say “ELEPHANTS, AGAIN, WTF, PLEASE SHUT THE SYSTEM DOWN AND GO HAVE SOME REAL SLEEP”.

tl;dr: funny pic, laughed, ty.

That almost remind me of The rage of Spanish inquisition. Not sure why.

Is this a reference to the Gen. Hannibal?

…Fucking Beautiful… :crying:


I was expecting heavy weapons guys, and a lot of em