A heavy combine pulling the pin on a frag.




I know it’s small…

Also he’s about to off himself.

too little contrast

You tried editing smoke or lights?
It looks really weird.

Alright. Will fix that next time.


Trying to do shadowing.

He doesn’t look like he fits in.

Yeah the contrast is too low and it seems like the view is off-set. It seems pretty boring but the posing is good.

Alright. So how high should I set the contrast? I actually didn’t even touch it. I used the burn tool.

I feel like a model with a face would help create a feeling of desperation/ whatever you were trying to go for. Currently, it seems like he’s just bored.

Ya, I agree wizzimu, but I wanted it to be the combine heavy, because I love the model, but your right.

No no no, the lights are rather akward, the shadows should be between his legs, crotch, below the packs/arms/armpits/Chin, also dont randomly use the dodge/burn on the background, if your trying to make it look darker you need to work the same everywhere, because if you dont the shadows will look like stains.


Also, remember to isolate your character before you do.

I did isolate, just my first time doing it.

Also I think I get what you mean. Thanks Santz you’re always helpful. (no sarcasm)

If i sound fucking confusing here is a nice tutorial that could help you understand the shading better than my fast rant lol :stuck_out_tongue:


And no problem man, I like to help.

That’s what I used, but I still need to keep rereading it. Thanks though.

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It’s the very flat fog that makes it seem like there isn’t any contrast.

I wasn’t going for fog. I wanted the picture dark, like there was hardly any lights in the room.