A Heavy having a grenade thrown at him.


Where did you get that nade model




What a faceposing ! great job AI .

Fancy editing.


Bloocolbalt,however,is starting on a TF2 gear pack.

gewd job

Nice work as usual!

Very TF2-like.

Thanks for the Positive comments,but I would also like some C&C.

The motion blur on the grenade isn’t so good. I suppose it kinda fits the TF2 style though.

It looks great, but I personally think the white trace coming from the grenade should be curved a bit.

I would give C&C if I knew what to criticize. Maybe do what Kevlar Jens said.

Wouldn’t want to be around when he explode

Very nice faceposing and editing.

Requesting a close up of that heavy’s expression.



I knew I had seen that expression somwhere:


He is? I need to talk with him now!

No I’m not.

I thought you where.


That FAN looks out of place