A Heavy refuses to get his Flu Shot taken

** “Do you vant to get zeh SchweinKrank?! Hold him down!!!” **

I thought the idea was pretty funny.

Haha lol’d at his face! He is gonna broke down to tears in any moment :stuck_out_tongue:

Very funny. Good work!

You make the best TF2 poses ever

you’re going to make enhanced mad.


Haha love the idea!

Medic: Do you see what happens if you refuse!
Heavy: Waaaaaaaaaa!
Soldier: Hurry up Doc I cant hold this maggot for long
Engineer: God damn it… Do we have to go through this every time we book a vacation…

Thats what the picture puts in my head for some reason…

And me! I think everyone remembers my awesome sandvich picture.

Now on topic: Awesome. I love how you disguised the bonesaw to look like a needle.

it IS a needle…
there is a needle model in the tf2 folder somewhere

You just made my day.
Good job!

I think they’re going to need more men to hold him down.

Seeing that the Swine Flu scare still exits, I believed that was appropriate.


Dat ass.