A HECU Squad with a scientist digs in as a Vortigaunt calls to it's clan nearby.

I had this idea for a while so I thought I’d do it.


C&C etc.

The black mans wrist broke a bit.

other then that nice models and posing :smiley:

Needs some editing

That Vortigaunt just gave his position away just to screw the HECU’s over. Damn suicide Vorts.

Nice pose.

Those HECU need some chin straps. And why aren’t they shooting the scientist like they are supposed to.

Nice hacks, can’t wait to see more of what your working on. Bandana fingers crossed

Because that scientist isn’t expendable maybe?

pretty good posing

Is there some reason why you can’t edit your poses or are you just lazy? Is this unimpressive and generic. Editing your poses should be a requirement here.

I like it, also loving the models, I think they’re generic soldier models around.

I don’t normally judge people by their post count, but I really don’t think you have enough experience to say that. The picture is just fine.

Hey! I was the one who requested him to do it. But nice, I didn’t expect the balaclava.

Because maybe I’m shit at editing?

I couldn’t care less if you don’t care for unedited poses, if someone wants to edit my poses they will. If I ever get better at editing I will.

That is the worst idea Ive heard in a long time.

Oh yeah, reuploaded the pic because Filesmelt has reset itself to a new system.