A Helicopter (With animations?)

Right. What I am looking for here is a CH-47 Chinook military helicopter. If possible an interior would be nice, and also some animations. By default, the chopper would be just idle, with no spinning blades, but then have an animation of the blades spinning up, and then idle with the blades spinning.

If that would not be possible, the blades as a seperate prop would be fine, I could find a way around that. I am pretty sure that this has not been done before.

Thanks in advance!

Useful References -
Wikipeida Page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinook_helicopter
(Includes Pictures)

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Lots of Chinook Models here http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/search?q=Chinook&styp=m any take your fancy? Any that say they have Collada (.zip) as an available format should be able to be ported fairly easily.

I think the helicopter addon by sakarias does this, but it’s player controlled, and I think the blades are moved by lua.

I am kinda looking for a model that has been pre made, I have no idea how you port models like that.

Plus, I am looking for this model for a left 4 dead 2 map I am considering making.

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