A Hello to everyone.

Well,as the title says,“Hi!”.
Well,i would like to start off by saying that this is my first post,even though I have been lurking for quite a while on the forums.
I am a guy from Montenegro,and English is not my native language so aplogize in advance for any grammar mistakes.
I’ve found out about Rust via a friend that is playing the game,and I would like to say it’s a very interesting concept,now it’s on the devs on the devs to make it work.
Now,yes,I don’t have a key,and No,I’m NOT asking for one,as it clearly is a general rule around this forum.
So,this cocludes my ‘hello’ to you all,it was nice meeting you and I’m sure I’ll have a great time on the forum.


(User was banned for this post ("don't make introduction threads" - postal))

hi, and welcome :slight_smile:
hope to see u ingame someday :slight_smile:

Yo dog.

Stop making introduction posts in a FORUM OF A GAME. There is another forum section for this.

why the caps? nothing to be angry about.
these posts will disapear into bottom list within a day anyway.

that guy is just a jerk more the less i got flammed for my hello post thing. Just leave him alone. Hes not worth it

Wait, I’m a jerk for hating people who go to a forum of a game and make ‘hello’ posts? There’s like 6 in one page. You don’t need to introduce yourself and talk about your career.

“I’m new here” type of posts are not allowed in GD, so I expect they’re neither allowed in any other section. Although it would be nice if someone would sticky general rules in here since almost no one new comes out to the other subforums where the rules actually are.

There’s no point. Most of these new guys can’t read the wikis, why would you expect them to read the rules?

I would’ve read the sticky if there was one.No need to be an asshole about a rule that someone didn’t know about.

Read the rules before you post.

the reason they call you a jerk is because you react in a very negative way.
and you should be one of the best to know,
have u looked at your event list ??
you have been banned multiple times,
and multiple posts a year are being closed because of “rules!”
so how about you learn from your own mistakes,
and help the guy out nicely.
exactly the reason TheDark just posted is the point.
rules in subforum would not elliminate the problem,
but it would help. ^^

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srry @ Owsen, wanted to see if i could get -1 dumb on you. but it just added one XD now that diserves a +1 dumb :smiley:

He’s no jerk for telling someone that you should not post your introductions into the RUST GAME section, thats just plain stupid to do. He was totally right about what he said and that there is another section for that.

I want to kill myself.
These fucking guys make me want to stop living.

Anyone who would have lurked long enough will have noticed that, Almost no one makes “Hello” threads and those who do get flamed, No one signs their posts.

So far I have only seen 1 post that says hi,and it didn’t get flamed.Also,if there are any rules,link them in a reply or make a f***ing sticky,so you don’t have to flame on people.As far as singing my posts go,that’s my thing,whatever,you got a problem with that?

You mean fucking? also no I don’t personally have a problem with it but people have been banned for it and everyone bitches about it so if you are legitimately wanting to be part of the community try take some friendly advice, don’t sign your shit, Don’t make pointless threads or threads with no content and check if its already been posted. The rules can be found in the link at the bottom of every page.

Thank you a lot,for a first reply that says where the rules are.As far as signing goes,i guess i’ll quit it,since it’s a bannable offense…