A Herd of Alien Herbivores Grazes in a clearing.


There’s not much editing, just a filter, some motion blurring, and burning. But it’s a fairly still scene.

The contrast makes the bottom of the picture too dark.

Redundant trees are Redundant


I always tought they floated like the Overlords from Starcraft seeing as I never played Lost Planet, I took the obvious thought that came to my mind, floating! (for referenceto what I’m talking aboot; see my other pic if you do not understand the concept)

So that’s why the posing was so bad! Seriously I have no idea why you might think they float… legs are made for walking after all. Lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well look at the Overlord form Starcraft he has legs too, but he/it floats (at a retardedly slow rate at that) and thats why I assumed they float; I thought they had the same reason as the overlord… :stuck_out_tongue:

Its more like tentacles on the overloards dude.

Yeah I know, but they do have their similarities


and thats why I got confused about them, and seeing as no one even posted a picture about these guys except for the OP, I had no references to view (Because I was too lazy to search for either pictures or videos) but yeah, it was basically a mistaken abilities.

I actually don’t know what they are in Lost Planet. They just looked like some sort of alien herbivore to me, so I used them as such.

As wasn’t sure about the contrast, as well. I’ll try to improve upon that.

All the trees are actually different models, it’s just they’re also all EP2 pine trees. Those all look alike.

I’m just happy to see a picture that isn’t violent…