A Hero's Death


Poor guy, really awesome contrast and colors dude.

Gray is for serious

The shading looks good although it’s a little heavy under the belt.

Looks awesome.

Yeah I thought so too and I was going to go back to fix it but then it was too late lol






no wait but i like it really i do



thanks bro


Love that lighting.

Amazing quality. Blood, light, dof… Everything is as it should be. Have wood. What is that model anyway.

Walk it off, you pussy.

Reminds me of the scene from Lord of the Rings, where Boromir gets killed in a similar fashion.
Kewl pic!

Thanks everybody

The model is the guard from dark messiah


lol shot full of arrows


Are you still located in ?


I’m glad you liked it .

Lavatory what the fuck are you talking about?

he is a toilet

He is an spam bot, nevermind him.
I will repeat, the picture is awesome.

So much for a hero.