A Heuy Chopper over the pacific ocean

Original: http://s607.photobucket.com/albums/tt157/resistance77_2009/?action=view&current=gm_hugefuckingocean0000.jpg

Not really much going on, not sure what you did to it either other than some sort of colour adjustment. The pilot side door could be blurred to hide the AA problem and the map water wasn’t the best choice as it’s very uniform. I like your border :slight_smile:

some motion blur I did, although its not very noticible.

aka huey chopper repeating water texture with no direct focal point at all and too much light focused on the helicopter in general giving it completely white highlights

would look tons better if you had any kind of polarization going on (that’s a word you’ve never heard of before)


do i honestly need to simplify for you third-world gooks?

the water repeats and is too visible - the helicopter is too bright. it looks like garbage

(User was banned for this post ("Racist flaming" - verynicelady))

Why do people always call me and aisians “Gooks”? Its not funny

The repeating water is the map ist’s self, the Heli is not far from the water. Noted about the chopper being bright though.

Try not to feed the troll. I like the lighting you did on the helicopter.

I think you never been over the ocean before have you?
you’d be like “this game sucks, look at all the repeated textures.”
since we all know metal can’t be shiny at all.

Any more comments?


AKA hes never flown overseas

The repeating water textures is the map its self.

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an rpg go’s “GOOK!”?