A Hilly Map WIP

Blend texture/Paint alpha does not work, I know this map desperately needs it but I’m gonna have to do without it for now

Another map I am currently working on. It is currently in a mid-alpha stage and possibly going into beta soon.

So far all I have is:
-The hilly terrain
-2 Buildings
-A lake with a small river connected to it

The two buildings do have interiors, and I plan on making more buildings with interiors, and possibly a road.

Here’s a few pictures of what I have so far

The river

The lake

2 Buildings

Building interior 1 (right building of the picture above)

Building interior 2 (left building of the picture above the picture above)

Part of the river and behind the 2 buildings

So far I do not have many problems with the map. All I need right now is to assign a skybox texture and add plenty more details.

Please note I will not add anything inside the buildings (besides platforms and lights) so you would be able to add the props you wish (like if you are making a machinima or posing for anything).

search blend and use it for the hills, preferably something so you can make sand where the lakes are, seeing as grass doesn’t typically grow underwater.

Eh, trust me, I have tried… for some reason the Paint Alpha will not work!! It only works where it completely shades in the other texture, but it doesn’t fade in/out to the other one to make it look smoothe.

Got no idea on how to fix that. Though you should ask around as that’s a pretty important tool.

I think I had a problem like it before, but I forgot how I fixed it… because I’m able to do it on almost any other map.

I guess grass has to grow underwater until I can find a way to fix it.

Good start, looks good.

Thank you :smile:

[Sorry for double post]
I added a sort of forest part around the buildings and a road connecting from a tunnel (that you cannot use) and a bridge (I will delete some trees if they are in the way of the new buildings I’m planning on making, they are there for looks for now)

Here are the updates:


Road & Forest view

2 Buildings with added road & tunnel

Hopefully it looks a little bit better, and hopefully I’m able to complete the whole map.

That last set of pictures really improved the map, keep working on it. Keeps getting better.

You still need to use a blend texture, write blend in the texture browser and choose one > paint alpha with the displacements tool

Yeah, if this had a blend texture so it looked less repetitive and boring, and some rocks around the place, this would look great. Also, on some of the steep parts the road follows, you could add railing on the side like Valve did in ep2. Also, a 3D skybox with some hills in the background would be nice.

EDIT: Oh wait, you have railing. Mkay, then you just need more textures, and some rocks and things like that to add life to the forest.

Umm, like I said on the other post, I tried and it doesn’t work for some stupid reason.

And I really suck at 3d Skybox… I did add one in the beginning but it sucked so bad that I had to take them out, I will have to look through tutorials and make a test skybox on a smaller map so it can render faster.

Show me the Paint Alpha window so I can view your settings when you’re trying to use it.

I have a hunch of what could be wrong.

All the trees are perfectly upright. Change the angle, so the base is flush with the ground.

Someone missed out on some basic biology classes. Trees/plants grow upwards, towards the light, not straight. How many trees have you seen that grow perpendicular to the slope they are on?


Well, the forest still needs alot of work. Trees dont make a forest, you need vegetation and rocks. Just add some ferns here and there in the parts with lots of trees and it’ll be 10x better.

So far I was not able to work on it because last time I exported, it didn’t work, the map didn’t change on the BSP and it was glitchy (brushes will be invisible/visible randomly), I do recall seeing a “ERROR: Too many detail-[something]” in there… also I’ve been busy with other stuff.