A (Hopefully) Easy Model

Once again, I have edited it to make it actually possible. Could someone please make me a player model that looks like the TF2 medic, except with a totaly blacked-out overcoat that actually moves when he runs, sunglasses instead of real glasses, and no gloves, so his sleeves just end like a long-sleeved shirt? If you wish, I wil credit you in all machinimas, and I wil be eternally grateful. Here is a reference picture:


Thank you. I will be at summer camp for the next week, so I can’t respond immediatly, but please bear with me. If this is too hard/not possible, please let me know.

Easy my ass. Organic modelling is very tough plus programming doesn’t have anything to do with this.

Sorry, I edited the first post.

I really hate to double post, but
if you don’t mind.