A (Hopefully) Simple Model Edit

Hey again guys, I’ve recently been at work on a new test of rappeling combine soldiers from a helicopter, and I decided I would use an MI-17 for this purpose. The model I acquired has only one door, however, and this is permanently closed. I have attempted to add an alpha channel to the texture, but both the inside and outside use the exact same texture flipped around so parts of the inside are invisible that shouldn’t be, and vice versa. I think the best course of action here would be to crack open the model and manually remove the doors, perhaps as a bodygroup? For reference, here is the pack containing the MI-17 I’ve been rambling on about, and some reference pictures of the heli with it’s doors open.

COD:4 Helicopters Pack (MI-17 is the big transport chopper, 5th in the left row, the one with the rotors already spinning):

MI-17 Reference:

Thanks in advance!

Bump-er cars!

-snip broken automerge-



There ya go. Hope you like it!


Why does this suddenly have almost a hundred downloads only a few hours after I made it? It isn’t that great.

Kick ASS! If the tail and top propellors were seperate props, WAC Helo easy. I did send a request for 4 helos, he made 3 of the 4 made. The MI-17 HIP was on of the helos I ask, but it was ok. Maybe someone will make the HIP into a WAC Helo :stuck_out_tongue: