A Horrible rampage

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Skip to 00:16 I guess then.

Was just messing around with the vapor rifle and this came to mind, didn’t really intend on doing something like this though.

Original [media]http://i33.tinypic.com/103d74l.jpg

It would more then suck to be vaporized… Good editing.

it’s doctor horrible!

Love it

The horror, oh the horror. Nice editing.

Agent.Orange may be the only who who will get this gag but…

i rly like this image but in the non-edit: why the people are not appearing in edit?
the smoke effects are ok but what you do to the blue goo from the skeleton

No, it’s NPH

I love how you completely remade the entire Evil scientist… I honestly thought it was a custom model…

Very nice :3:!

Please, Dr Insano WISHES he was Dr Horrible!

Yeah I’m pretty surprised how well the goggles came out, bit fuzzy round the edges but eh, what you gonna do.

Hearts for all!