A house inspired by the 50s I made today


Me making maps is kind of a rarity, since my knowledge about hammer is limited. But sometimes I like to fire the old baby up to see what comes of it. This time I went for some modern house with some influences from the 50s. This is what became of it.

Now of course this project is still in the works, but I thought I’d sling some pics up to get some criticism on it.

Anyway, on to the pics.

http://a.imagehost.org/t/0180/i_had_seks_in_dis_houce0035.jpg http://a.imagehost.org/t/0393/i_had_seks_in_dis_houce0036.jpg http://h.imagehost.org/t/0172/i_had_seks_in_dis_houce0042.jpg http://h.imagehost.org/t/0943/i_had_seks_in_dis_houce0044.jpg http://h.imagehost.org/t/0891/i_had_seks_in_dis_houce0045.jpg http://h.imagehost.org/t/0024/i_had_seks_in_dis_houce0048.jpg http://h.imagehost.org/t/0945/i_had_seks_in_dis_houce0051.jpg http://h.imagehost.org/t/0037/i_had_seks_in_dis_houce0055.jpg http://h.imagehost.org/t/0095/i_had_seks_in_dis_houce0057.jpg http://h.imagehost.org/t/0524/i_had_seks_in_dis_houce0071.jpg

Lay whatever you want on me, anything is welcome.

Wow it looks really nice, keep up the work.

Door frames, for the love of god, DOOR FRAMES

And there’s a few blocky bits

It’s good, but it has a few issues. It really shouldn’t be on poles, give it a flat base. The interiors are good, just a bit blocky. Some of the windows and doorways need frames. The frames you have are a bit thick. I once made a 50’s house and the window frames are only 2 units thick (4 in some places):

Absolutely amazing concept. Try working on making things appear more proportional (couch legs, window frames, enlarge house)

Just add nuclear war :D.