A Huge Joint Operation


I’m not sure, they are U.S. Army, German Soldiers, U.S.M.C. and S.A.S.

I said I’m not sure

looks cool don’t like that hummer model.

I don’t like hummer too.
just I don’t have such nice hummer so I used it

The person in the middle looks like a flippin chick. Not very tough looking.

how do i make him very tough?

Huge Joint

do you smoke it?

Pretty boring and the posing isn’t up to your usual standards. Also, when militaries take part in a joint operation, they don’t all run alongside each other like they’re in the same fire-team, especially when they’re from different countries.

we have done what noone could have done before lads! we have conquered gm_flatgrass!

cool scene

My Usual Standards?

what is that? I dont have anything about my posing standards and i know this is boring so stop complaining or just dont comment on my thread


Where are those German soldiers from?


The models?

it’s not mine
korean gave me.

I’ll comment on whatever the hell I like thanks.

And your usual posing standards are very good. The posing in this picture isn’t very good at all.

So he messed up this time, big deal.

I don’t get the three guys at the front though, why would one be lay down another crouched and one stood up, it doesn’t make any sense other than to show you can pose people in those positions.

then please dont comment on situation in picture.
i mean i know it’s boring

Man, I wish I knew DDOK as well as you. I’d kill for his Germans.

Me too.