a hugeass motorhome thats huge n shit

Features: 6x6, 4 wheel steering and full suspension






lol pickup on tank chassis



You have a Beefy PC.

sure is quiet around here.

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whole section i mean

A huge motorhouce…cool. Gotta admit it’s something rarely done.
I like it. :smile:

It’s quite fun to put a YT player inside it and just cruise around with the cabin full of passengers :v: the thing was supposed to be a dual rotor heavylift helicopter/VTOL but this is what it evolved into.

Is it for vacationing under RPG fire?

My only two complaints are that it’s boxy as fuck and the rear wheels steer way more than they should, otherwise it’s a cool vehicle :v:

Clever idea for the chairs.


It isn’t that easy to make something like this to look nice and smooth. Sure I could of done that, but now its 234 props and if I decided to make it nice and curvy, it would go up to 300 :C

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not to use prop limits as an excuse tho

I like it blocky. This reminds me of a large RV someone made in Rigs Of Rods back before it became shitmods of rods, when the repository was new. It looked pretty similar, but I like this one more because it looks cool :frogbon:

Gah, I tried making one of these a good while ago- couldn’t get the scale right >_>

anyway great job


Very nice, lovely detailed interior. Good job!

Everyone’s expectations of contraptions seems to be too much. Everything seems to have to be done with wire for it to be good nowadays. I miss the contraption forum which was around before wire. Also sick motorhome love it.

I use wiremod.

I was gonna put something about how non-wire contraptions require more skill, but that would just cause a huge stupid argument.