A human and his mechanical companion walk through the snow and see a body, confused

I know the guys face looks retarded.





Amazing edit

A tip with the inflator tool. You completely deflated the torso, and that made the rebel’s neck look weird. You should keep a little bit of torso so he still has a neck, but keep it out of view, inside or behind the other ragdoll.

Hope that helped.

The edit is beautiful.
He doesn’t really look at the corpse though.

I was planning on to do that, but it got all messed up and I thought this was gonna be easier.

Turns out I was wrong. I was going to go back into game and re-pose… but I was too lazy this morning.

I was hoping no one would notice, I didn’t eye pose him :<

Nice edit.

Awesome pic dude, cool edit too

Nice edit

Fucking sexy edit.

its amazing and robot has a face

Woah awesome!

Thanks all. I’m quite glad I posted this.

The snow on their sides is awesome! and the shading and other shit.

The falling snow and lighting are both great.
The shading under the neck looks really unnatural.

The snow on the characters is really good, but on the dude you can see a black outline around his sleeve.

I tried to make it look like the black sweater went up around his neck/chin. I tried to put some shading, failed. lol.

I tried to fix that by putting more white on it, it was like, NO I’M FUCKING STAYING.

I was like:black101:


Wow, even without the edit it looks good.

Well I guess if my computer crashed photoshop enough times that I couldn’t edit, I’d put up just that next time :dance:

Well, there is alot of shit there, (nice shit… lolwut)

As for the neck I thought it wasnt shading I thought it was beard :o