A hunter aiming an ak47

So yeah, picture is boring and generic I guess, but I am extremely happy with the edit :smiley:


And the original, I think you need to see the original to see what I actually did with the pic.


Edit is funky, I like it. Posing looks really off but that probably stems from trying to do a rifle pose with a Hunter.

Hahaha nice, looks awesome.

Rifles a bit small though.

Zombies with guns. Oh shit!

Where is that AK model?

I like it, good edit, its funny that in the original you didin’t even used lights to help the edit, in terms of color, I do it in that way too.
The images quality is kind of bad, you should try to fix it

He doesn’t look very comfortable having to hold it like that.

They need that in L4D 2! Quick, get Gabe Newell on the line STAT!