A Hunting Knife

So after everyone talking about my last thread with a revolver, I have been brainstorming new junkie type weapons, though this isn’t the junkiest weapon but what I thought about was a hunting knife.
The way this could work is, it could do more damage to animals and people other than a hatchet and you can’t gather resources with it. It could use maybe about 20x wood and 10x Metal fragments.

lol that could work too, you never know what they could add in this game! xD

Purple cool-aid in a syringe?

A sickle would be suiting

A skinning knife was mentioned here.

I like the idea of a knife as a fast, low damage melee weapon, I mentioned bonus damage on backstabs maybe. The idea would be to use it as more of a sneak or finish type weapon, and as a tool for skinning. I like it.

A sickle would be cool too, especially if farming is implemented.

Ya know… It could be a Healing syringe that heals you to full health!

Oh God, The guy who posted the syringe was trying to make a joke out of the word ‘Junkie’ by posting a syringe, It was not a weapon suggestion that should be adapted on… It’s a joke. k?

I think more of a handmade machete which would be useful

Machete would be badass. I think a buncha melee weapons would be dope. Knives, swords, axes, hammers, bats, crowbars, et et etc.

Swords and Crowbars? No pls.

Swords like machetes, and crowbars like crowbars yeah. I like crowbars.

Sword wouldnt belong in this game…maybe knife and machete and crowbars could be melee weapons found in radiation place?