A Hydra attacks an ODST on an Iceberg

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After crash landing on an unexplored region of Reach, Lt. Smith thought the Covenant would be his downfall. He didn’t realize how wrong he was…

-The Hydra model is fun as hell
-The ODST model was hard to pose for me, dunno why
-I didn’t put any shadow underneath the Hydra
-If I knew how to do cracked Ice, then the Hydra’s perch would be a lot more “broken”
-Merry Christmas!
-The NORMANDY was supposed to be in the backdrop, but I accidentally deleted it when removing extra iceberg pieces from the lake
-I tried on this one to make a blizzard feel, and I tried making the Hydra’s breath visible

Where’d you get the ODST, and looks interesting.

Kick it back in the water!

Slaughter it, rip it open and drink it’s warm blood before it freezes. It will give him a window of 20 hours to come up with something before the extreme cold overcomes him. unless this is a GMod pic and I just got carried away a bit.

From lillwasa’s model pack in the releases section

I think the angle is a bit bland.

Its at the tip of the iceberg, the angle is actually diagonal, it looks like it is on an even plane because the iceberg is tipped that way. But yeah, I could have gone with a different angle, but the Hydra is more or less a beta model, so there was some skin tearing on it, you can see bits of it on the feet, from the side you woulda seen the basic body of the hydra where the head’s go all bear.

you should look at some snow tutorials

Bet you are the dumb rating.

I did. This tut to be exact:

The SHEF combined with all the white and the snow is killing my eyes. Seriously look at some tutorials and learn to do something that actually looks good and qualifies as editing, otherwise just leave your pictures as in-game post-processing - it would look better than this.