A.I Disabled Error....any suggestions?

It’s been like that ever since I first installed Garrys Mod on my new computer. To save time with individual addon installation, I copied the entire Gmod folder from my old computer over to this computer and This is the only major issue I am facing. All of the other addons work perfectly and new saves work, it’s just my old saves that are stuck like this with the A.I disabled. Any help?

Thanks, McHiggles.


Memory’s a bit foggy on this one, but try out these commands in console (I’m note sure which of these exist or not):

ai_disable 0
ai_enable 1

(I'm not sure if they take arguments or not)

And, even though this usually doesn’t put the AI Disabled message on your screen, go into your NPC’s tab and double check that Disable AI is unchecked.