A ingame notepad

Hey, I am requesting for a ingame notepad. I think this will be useful to people who use hatmaker. Example, if you want to use a custom prop you need to enter the material path and model path. Then you have to put the game down on the taskbar and then go dig up the paths but with this script, it will create a notepad folder with a blank file. Here you can enter codes, model paths, etc and it could be editable in game as well. Basically a LUA script to enable it, a Notepad folder with the blank file to edit and whatnot, and it categorized under options-player


Contains a notepad in the file tab. Saves things to your file directory. I made it. :smiley:

Thanks but do I need to use assmod? I don’t know how to use it

The notepad is not related to the admin mod.

Ok, thanks. Will take a look

Nope didn’t work, the menu doesn’t appear. Anything else?

So far, I have not heard of any addon for this. Though I am sure it couldn’t be too hard to do.

Also, there was a thread on this, already. http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=751129


You should release it as it’s own addon.