A jedi encountering a shaman


Posing by The Castro


Although a nice Picture, Me being a Bioware fan I will have to state that the Shaman isn’t a Shaman Instead IT’S A TROLL.

The tree on the right is clipping with his left hand.


Looks awesome.

Actually, I believe it’s an Ogre. :mmmsmug:

Beautifuly executed both castro and masterfgh.


It is a fucking daemon, purge him!

Is this even GMod?

If you bothered looking at the original, you could clearly tell it’s gmod, plus all the models are from gmod.
Stop being stupid.

It was a compliment, frankly it looks better than GMod.

Amazing editing as usual man, the scenebuild is damn nice too.

Nice work guys.

no wai

The dumbest post I have seen, other than my own.

Looks almost like a painting. Nice job!

awesome job man, i love the lighting and colors