A Jewish Rabbi?

can someone make a rabbi? no im not nazi.

theres a bunch of jewish dudes in gta iv but i can’t port maybe ask henry townshend he ported some gta iv stuff in the past

why would someone even imply you are a nazi for wanting a model of a rabbi unless you also appended “emaciated” or something like that

that would have to be the dumbjest kneejerk reaction ev- oh. we’re on facepunch. carry on.

because thats happend to me before. i ask i get nazi’d

Oh I was just going to say there were some Jews in GTA IV, then I see my name.

I’ll see if I can find them.

wow this place is even dumber than i thought, and that’s saying something

No, it’s just him.

no it’s definitely facepunch, i’m beginning to remember why i left the place for like two years