A Jinrai soldier moves past an NSF corpse...

My first Neo Tokyo pose:

Original: http://i432.photobucket.com/albums/qq45/ChestyMcGee/nt_shrine_ctg0000.jpg

Feel free to edit the original!

C&C please,

I’m back bicth. Here to shit on your pic. Posing is off and akward. Lighting is ok, I guess.

lighting looks sexy

I was first gonna go “NO NOT PRIVATE MODELS AGAIN HAAAAAAX”, but then leaped to Releases section…

Awesome pic, can’t find anything wrong about it.

NeoTokyo is out? That shit’s been in development since like 2005

You been living under a rock? It’s been out for a week or two now. Suppose if you don’t check ModDB fairly frequently you wouldn’t know.

Gracias amigo.

Lamps work wonders.

Looks okay to me…

Shut up, you don’t know what looks ok, you’re a Brit.

Why am I so mean :byodood:

You’re Texan. You can’t help it, bro.

Is it fun?

Well… yes and no. Personally I thought it was going to be amazing. Looking at the design of the models and the time and attention that went in to the art of the game I naturally assumed the gameplay was going to be as good. It’s not though. The animations aren’t very good at all and it has too much of that Counter-Strike elitism feel to it where one guy can completely dominate a server, mainly because it is a round-based game with no respawns. Overall though, the more you play it, the more you get drawn into it and hooked… kind of like CSS I suppose. It’s a good enough download just to use the stuff in Gmod anyway.

cool models where you get :>
keep up good work lol

sigh read the thread.

Thanks for your comment though.

Cool, really like the lighting on this one Chesty…

As for my PM…

After seeing what you said in goldenbullets chat…I don’t care what big words you use, I simply think you want those LOTR model to yourself, and now that Golden has them, your upset.

That’s all…

good lighting, but I feel asthough most people are liking it for that and the models only… the posing is attrocious… he’s holding it like it’s going to jump away: up high and close to his chest. Look at him.
You could fix this by moving his left elbow (left from my view) outwards more. Outwards and backwards if possible.

Lighting is amazing. Posing is somewhat awkward.

Posing fine, the hell are you guys on about.

The ANGEL is a little stiff though.

Look at his waist, he’s freaking air-humping.

I dunno what the models really look like, looks fine to me :confused:

Great as always.

Your comment made me smile. Thanks.