A Juggernaut in the factory

A Juggernaut in the factory


model:small_armer_pack on org

wow nice M240G where can i get that?
also your posing and editing are nice too. XD

The texture you’ve overlaid onto the original image looks extremely low quality…

it looks like old picture

Nice editing

The MG includes in “small_armer_pack”.

Jesus, what did you set the jpeg quality to when saving it? 10%? It looks horrible.

Overlay picture = Rape

I like it but the dust looks really low-res, either that or the jpeg quality is really low.

This edit seems to be disrepute.
I’ll try another way on next post.

Thanks comment guys!

thanks XD

Yeah, the dust is nasty, but otherwise nice pic.

Hes got on all this kickass armor but still wears his favorite shoes. Juggernaut wins, good pic.